From Aspiring to Artist

Our 1-on-1 Artist Career Strategy Course


You have a big dream
You know exactly what you want in your career as a musician and you can envision it all so clearly… but you’re confused as to how to do it all by yourself.
People have told you to post on YouTube, go live on Periscope, post on Instagram, start a mailing list, perform any chance you can, etc. and honestly…
It’s overwhelming!
This result-driven program is designed to get the clarity and specific action steps needed to create breakthroughs in your career.

Here’s How

The Program Breakdown

The Goal & The Plan

• Determine what the main goal is for yourself as an artist (Book more shows? Monetize your social media? Go on tour?)
• Identify what is currently working and where we can make improvements
• Develop a plan of execution, JUST FOR YOU

Artist Identity & Branding

  • Define who you are as an artist and get crystal clear on your brand
  • Deep dive into your target audience so that we can develop a clear and specific strategy on how to reach the people who have a higher potential of being your superfans
  • Review your current branding and establish a new brand that matches the aesthetic that you want for your new music release
  • Plan and execute your rebrand so that you have brand recognition and consistency across all of your social media platforms

Strategy Implementation

Now that we have a super clear understanding of our goal, our brand and our target audience, it’s time to kick things into high gear and TAKE ACTION

  • Establish what types of content and which social platforms would be best to utilize as a part of our brand strategy
  • Create a content calendar to schedule your posts
  • Develop a schedule for batch processing of your content so that you can say goodbye to the overwhelm you feel when having to think about posting everyday!

Release Your Music

One of the outcomes of this program is that you will have released a song, EP or album so that you’re music can finally be published independently!

  • Understand the ins and outs of releasing a song independently (the business aspect, the legal aspects, the social aspects) so that we can be fully prepared to release your music
  • Determine what content we need to promote the specific single and plan the content roll out on your content calendar
  • Upload your song, EP or album to a distribution platform
  • Go over steps to get playlisted
  • Prepare for your single/album LAUNCH DAY!

Monetize Your Platform

  • Review analytics to see what is working and what isn’t
  • Explore how to monetize your social platforms
  • Go over all of the different streams of income as an Independent Artist
  • Determine which stream of income you’d like to expand on and devise a plan of action to monetize on it
At the end of the program, you will have…
A curated and consistent brand, and released song, ep, or album.


You’ll be working with recording artist, songwriter, vocal and strategy coach
Jessica Louise
An industry trailblazer who has not only achieved herself,
but also helped others to:

Travel the world (all expenses paid) to sing in other countries

Booked 10X’s more (high paying) gigs (and say goodbye to “pay to play” shows!)

Expand and diversify various streams of income as a musician

Record and release artists’ own music independently (no label needed!)

Grow social media following 1000%

Collaborate with Grammy award winning songwriters and producers



We’ll get crystal clear on your goals as an artist and a step-by-step plan to fulfill on your specific goal


We’ll develop your clear visual and sonic brand and identity. This will be the starting point to your empire.


 We’re going to pinpoint who exactly is going to love and resonate with your music and brand to begin to build your community of “super fans.”


We’ll get super clear on your brand and develop a content strategy to help you create relevant content and automate your social media posts.


We’ll show you step-by-step how to release your music on all streaming platforms! (We’ll even go over publishing, song splits and all the little details)


We’ll give you an easy to follow release campaign to build hype around your new song to make sure that your release gets heard by your target audience

What Our
Students Say

Just a couple Q + A’s

I have a couple of songs that I’ve written, but they’re not actually recorded yet. Is this course still a good fit for me?

Yes 100%! We structure each phase based on exactly what your goals are. I’ll work with you to figure out the best ways to get your music recorded so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you will have released a song, EP or album.

I have no songs written! Can you still help me?

The promised outcome of the program is to have you release a single or an EP. If you think you’d be able to write and record a song for your single within a few weeks, then absolutely! But if you’re still in the early stages of your songwriting, it might be best to start with writing a few songs of your own or by taking my “Defining Your Artist Identity” self-study course.

I already go to school for music, what am I going to learn here that I’m not getting at school?

This program offers you the one on one mentorship to create a plan of attack and strategy that is specifically JUST FOR YOU. In school, a teacher might teach you about how to use Instagram or Facebook, etc. In this program, we develop action items to create a campaign around your new project so that you can increase your social media following to attract new listeners to your music.

I don’t know how to produce music, how can I release my song if I don’t have a DAW?

A lot of it is about collaborating with other people. In the program, I can give you a guideline on what to say to get the artists you want to collaborate with to say “yes!” Not only will your music get produced, but you’ve now increased your chances of more people hearing it by collaborating with the right people!

I struggle with posting consistently on social media, will I have to do that here?

Here’s the truth, consistency is key. In the program, we’ll create a content calendar with a strategy that will free up your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about posting 24/7. (trust me, I hate that feeling too!)

I’m already super busy. I’m afraid I won’t have time to get all of this done.

I’m looking for artists who are fully ready to commit to making music their full-time job and who are ready to put in the work to setup that strong foundation. If this is you, hop on board!

Let’s Work Together!

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