Vocal Mastery

Discover your voice and artist identity through this transformational program


You’ve got a BIG DREAM.

You know you’ve got a unique sound but you’re still trying to figure out your own artist identity. You know you’ve got a good voice, but you wish you could hit those really high notes with freedom and ease. Overall you’re looking to take your career to the next level. Look no further, because you’ve come to the right place.

Our Vocal Coaching Program is designed to have you discover and develop your unique voice as an artist and to coach you to cause a breakthrough in your music career.

The programs begins with creating your goals for your voice and your career and is then designed specifically to have you work one-to-one with your coach to accomplish just that.

This result-driven course has helped countless of singers in achieving the sound and business that they previously only dreamed was possible!



We’ll assess your current situation with your voice and create a specific goal and plan of action to attain it


Through specific techniques and exercises, you’ll experience a new sense of freedom when it comes to singing with a larger range.


Have you always wanted to develop a richer, fuller tone? We’ll break down how to use vowel sounds and breaths support to be able to develop your tone.


Sometimes you can hit that high C, and sometimes you can’t? We’ll coach your through techniques to practice daily that will ensure your ability to hit notes consistently.


We’ll take strides to discover and define your musical identity. You’re not “just a singer”, you’re an artist.


Using your artist identity, we’ll begin to curate your brand to jumpstart your career as an artist.


You’ll be working with recording artist, songwriter, vocal and strategy coach
Jessica Louise
An industry trailblazer who has not only achieved herself,
but also helped others to:

Travel the world (all expenses paid) to sing in other countries

Booked 10X’s more (high paying) gigs (and say goodbye to “pay to play” shows!)

Expand and diversify various streams of income as a musician

Record and release artists’ own music independently (no label needed!)

Grow social media following 1000%

Collaborate with Grammy award winning songwriters and producers

Breaking It Down

Current Position to Dream Position

We’ll identify where you stand vocally so we can accurately assess what needs to be worked on to access your authentic voice.

Breaking It Down

Range, Tone, Consistency

You’ll learn the tools and techniques that will transform your voice and your relationship to your voice.

Breaking It Down

Career Mentorship

What is your sound? What is your brand? How can you showcase your voice so that you stand out above the crowd? We’ll coach you on taking actionable steps to tackle these questions.

What Our
Students Say

Guaranteed Results

Just a couple Q + A’s

I’ve never taken a voice lesson before. I’m brand new to this. Is this program still a good fit for me?

Absolutely. The only requirement I look for in my students is a strong work ethic. I am looking for students who are interested in becoming or already are professional singers and musicians. The program itself is rigorous and does take commitment. If you are looking to take singing lessons for fun or to be able to throw down during karaoke nights, this may not be the best program for you.

Where do these sessions happen? Do you take online students?

I coach students in person and online. My home coaching studio is in Los Angeles and my online studio can be accessed through Zoom. All you need is great internet and a room that you feel comfortable

When will I start hearing results?

You’ll start to notice your singing improve immediately after our first session.

At what age do you begin vocal coaching?

The youngest I can coach with the support of a parent or guardian is 7 years old. Some of my younger students end up learning vocal techniques and begin to use them to post on Instagram and YouTube with the supervision of their parents. It’s never too early to get started.

I already go to school for music, what am I going to learn here that I’m not getting at school?

This program offers you the one on one mentorship to create a strategy that is specifically JUST FOR YOU. In this program, we go over what you want to accomplish with your voice and then develop action items so that you can be a better vocalist while pursuing other career related actions.

I want to learn how to sing, write songs, produce music, release music, grow my social media and so much more! Will I be able to accomplish ALL of this through your program?

One thing to remember is that this is a VOCAL and Career Coaching Program. My first commitment is that you level up as a vocalist and performer. During our first session, we’ll get really clear on your goals and determine what we can actually accomplish within the 8 weeks we have together.

I’m already super busy. I’m afraid I won’t have time for all 8 lessons.

For the 8-Class lessons, I’m looking for artists who are ready to commit to transforming their voices and taking the next step into fulfilling their passions. If this is you, hop on board! I may give you assignments throughout the week that are in line with your goals. At the very least, our sessions are one 1 hour a week for 8 weeks.

If not, happy to see you in our 4-class pack or individual session too!

Let’s Work Together!

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